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Shoring System

Shoring Props

KITSEN shoring props are the ultimate flexible solution for floor shoring. They're sturdily made and sport with high load capacity in accordance with EN standards.


Ring-lock Shoring Towers

KITSEN Ring-lock shoring towers are easy to han­dle, and  adapt­able to any structure and pro­ject. Thanks to its variety of dimensions (⌀48mm to ⌀120mm)  and load capacity, it can be used for wide range of usage situations.

Frame Type Shoring Towers

Frame type shoring towers are easy to handle and fast to assemble. It's ideal for building construction projects especially over height load bearing situation.


Light-weight Frame

Light weight frames can be used for access scaffolding as well as shoring. It's versatile and easy to put together, suitable for all kind of projects.

Want to know more about our shoring systems? Download the catalogue:

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