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Wall & Column Formwork

K100 Wall & Column Formwork

K100 Wall & Column formwork is designed to minimize the number of components and improve efficiency in yard and site. It consists high-quality aluminum frame and plywood panel, which makes it a light-weight solution for shear wall, columns and retaining wall construction. It has a load capacity of 60 KN/m².


K140 Wall & Column Formwork

K140 Wall and Column formwork is a robust, versatile vertical formwork system designed with large sized heavy-duty (up to 75KN/m²) panels to suit specific layouts and heights. It provides fast, adaptable and cost-effective solution for your project.

KITSEN Retaining Wall Formwork

Our Retaining Wall formwork features lightweight aluminum frame and plywood surface. It can be used for the construction of single side wall/retaining wall. Panels can be easily connected into large expense of shattering, while aligners and braces allow for precise vertical and horizontal alignment. Its load capacity is up to 60 KN/m².


Aluminum Beam Wall & Column Formwork

Aluminum Beam system is made of durable aluminum alloy which makes it a wonderful replacement of conventional timber beams. It can be assembled into a large size formwork panel which covers big construction area providing high-efficiency in the site.

Want to know more about our wall & column formwork systems? Download the catalogue:

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