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Slab Formwork

KITSEN FastForm™️

The KITSEN FastForm™️ slab formwork system is an advanced modular formwork system with early-striking features. The aluminum panel with pre-installed plywood is light weight and durable at the same time. It reduces labor cost and the waste on plywood significantly which makes it an eco-friendly solution for slab construction.


KITSEN 3D-Deck™️

The KITSEN 3D-Deck™️ slab formwork system is innovated based on conventional concept, utilizing advantage of three different materials aluminum, steel and wood. It provides wide range of load capacity and features early-striking operation. It's extremely versatile and flexible and can be applied in any type of structure.

KITSEN Alu-Flydeck™️

Alu-Flydeck is a modular formwork system for large scale slab casting. It is made from high-quality aluminum alloy and Birch plywood. Because of its light-weight construction, it reduces the requirements for heavy-duty tower crane.


Want to know more about our slab formwork systems? Download the catalogue:

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